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Um mergulho na Cornualha, a região mais bonita da Inglaterra – Blog – Cultura Inglesa

Um mergulho na Cornualha, a região mais bonita da Inglaterra

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por Milo Steelefox, de Londres*

The English, like Brazilians, love to hit the seaside towns and beaches during 3-day weekends (weekend with Bank Holidays).

Let me tell you about the last time I escaped much further afield to Cornwall (far in the south west) on a Bank Holiday.

Visiting my friend’s family home in Penvin he took me to the nearby Falmouth, a quaint little seaside town which has a strong reputation for art, graphics and design.

We wandered around the centre, full of narrow streets and colourful bunting, checked out some shops, and got ourselves a pasty to eat on the beach, this being a pastry delicacy from Cornwall which typically comes with a beef filling.

Following that we went off for a walk around the coast and alongside the estuary of a river, and I felt as if I were returning to my childhood, climbing a tree and skimming stones – an old favourite of mine – trying to bounce round, thin flat stones along the surface of the water, seeing how far or how many times you can skim them.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that kept us entertained for a whole hour!

Next up we drove over to the north side of the peninsula to a beach which would obviously be popular with surfers when the conditions were right, and we climbed to the top of a cliff to watch the sunset, then as it went down we sat drinking a pint of ‘Knocker’, a local ‘ale’, similar to beer but much flatter, with far less gas.

And another classic seaside bite, we then went off in search of some ‘fish ‘n’ chips’, which you typically have with lots of salt and vinegar, although the chip shop was out of fish so we just had chips – but after having walked all day we didn’t mind and we wolfed them down!

If you ever get the chance, do go and visit the counties of Cornwall, Devon, Somerset or Dorset in the south west, they bear some of the best spots England has to offer.

And if you’re in London and short of time, just hit Brighton!

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Photo Album of my trip to Cornwall on Facebook

‘Oh I do like to be beside the seaside’ – this is the name and a line from a famous piece of music, capturing the spirit of the desire, when it’s hot, to go and have a nice day out by the sea, and do silly things. It sums up the spirit of this article:  [youtube width=”650″ height=”344″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZglHbYtP7WA&NR[/youtube]





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