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Um fim de semana nas gélidas águas de Gales – Blog – Cultura Inglesa

Um fim de semana nas gélidas águas de Gales

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por Milo Steelefox, de Londres*

So I’ve finally booked a train to Aberystwyth on the coast of Wales.

I had friends to see, friends from home that only all get together once in a blue moon, and they just so happened to be doing so in Wales, a place that for me brings back nostalgic childhood memories of camping, beaches, rivers… and rain, and grey, and cold.

I’m painting a lovely picture aren’t I? In truth though it was the most beautiful of weekends, with blue skies and good times.

The day we spent on the beach was full of tomfoolery, as we did our best to play cricket, football and frisbee, which would’ve been fine only the wind wanted to play too!

And I’d been telling one of my friends we simply HAD to go in the sea, no matter how cold it was, but the water was simply f-r-r-r-r-e-e-z-i-n-g. So all we managed was a paddle till our feet were numb.

On the way back to the house we dropped by a cute little harbour town called Aberaeron where there was a fun looking annual children’s football tournament going on.

We found an amazing sweet shop nearby and got a few bagfuls of old fashioned goodies, and then we wandered down to the harbour in search of some local honey ice cream, and we sat eating it in the sunshine looking at the boats and all the kids playing, catching crabs, or even throwing jelly fish at each other!

Perhaps the best bit of the whole weekend though was the next day when we ventured back into Aberystwyth, and what did we find but the ultimate holiday activity… crazy golf. And you know what, it must’ve been the cheapest crazy golf I’ve ever played – a mere £1.65 (you could usually expect to pay almost 4 times that).

My home friends and I get very competitive (immaturely so) when it comes to this particular sport, and so it was great when one of the lads won rather unexpectedly, beating us all by a good 5 shots.

Back to the house we took one last stroll along the pebble beach nearby as the sun was beginning to set, and still hellbent on perhaps going in the sea I told the others to carry on home as we started to head back.

Maybe it was the ‘what would my dad do in this situation’ feeling I always get, or maybe it was the text I received from a jealous friend saying to dive in, but I did it, all on my own, and jumped in the sea for a very, very, very cold 5min swim, at 8pm at night. What an idiot.


Aberaeron: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aberaeron


  • Once in a blue moon: seldom, once in a while (or less!), basically something which happens very rarely
  • To paint a picture: to describe something, to set the scene (telling a story)
  • Tomfoolery: messing around, fooling around, joking around…
  • Goodies: nice things. Can also be used to describe the good and the bad guys in films, i.e. the goodies and the badies
  • A mere £1.65: using the word mere is like saying ‘only £1.65’, used as a diminuitive
  • Hellbent: uncontrollably keen to do something, determined, adamant




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