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[The Insider] At the backstage of Jamie Oliver’s restaurant

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Jamie Oliver is a phenomenon. He’s a genius cook, a millionaire, the owner of an empire that employs more than 4 thousand people and, if all this wasn’t enough, Jamie has been recently voted Britain’s favourite celebrity chef.

His fame kicked off in 2002 after opening the Fifteen at 15 Westland Place in London, his first (and still most cherished) restaurant.

It was here that Jamie Oliver became a TV celebrity, started his successful charity foundation and gave birth to his thriving restaurant chains.

The Blog popped into the restaurant to talk to two of its senior workers and to investigate its backstage and some of the stories behind Britain’s favourite chef – including the reason why he loves Brazilians so much. Watch it above!

The main dish (a haddock fish) ↑
The kitchen ↑


The menu ↑
Fifteen’s building ↑





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