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TOP 5 – Things most people don’t know about Wales

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One of our main attractions at the Festival this year is the band Los Campesinos. The band was formed in Wales, the most discrete of all the countries within Great Britain.

Wales has got some amazing landscapes, of course, but also features loads of peculiar aspects that makes it even more charming. So, in honour of Los Campesinos, here it goes: the TOP 5  things most people don’t know about Wales! Check it out:

Top5 A land of dragons


Up to this point in history, no actual dragons have been spotted in Wales 🙁 The reason why a red dragon is on the Welsh flag has to do with an old prince. He used to use these creatures as his symbol. The dragon was also incorporated into the Arms of the Tudor dynasty, so that everyone would know that they were of Welsh descent.


Top4 A land of sheep


A classic (and sort of offensive, to be honest) stereotype about Wales says that all of its people are actually sheep. Detractors also tend to say that if a Welsh’s dad isn’t a farmer, he’s a miner. The truth is: 78% of its territory is dedicated to agricultural activities, including sheep farming. There are about 8 million sheep living in the country, which makes the sheep population of Wales 3 times bigger than the human one! And this abundance leads to pretty weird situations, like the one pictured above…


Top3 A land of singers


People say Wales is the “land of song”. They sing well indeed. Not ALL of them, naturally, but they do have many choirs over there, and a lot of really interesting bands come from Wales, like Super Furry Animals, Manic Street Preachers and our dearest Los Campesinos to name a few!


Top2 A land of rugby fans


Wales has a pretty strong rugby national team for such a small country. It is, after all, their all time favourite sport. The main rival of the Welsh, obviously, is neighbouring England, and every once in a while they go really far at the most important championships in the world. They’ve never ever been left out of the Rugby World Cup (just like Brazil played every single Football World Cup!)


Top1 A land of few vowels

Wales has two official languages that are just as important: Welsh and English. The latter is the most used, but the first one is widespread and really popular in the countryside. Most signs and official communication are written in both languages throughout the whole country. Welsh is a very interesting language and is full of history, but has too many consonants if compared to other latin or even anglo-saxon idioms (take a look at the picture above!).

If you wanna discover more about Wales, have a look here.

TOP 5 – Curiosidades sobre o País de Gales

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Já sabe que uma das principais atrações do #18CIF, a banda Los Campesinos! é do País de Gales, né? O mais discreto dos países que integram o Reino Unido possui paisagens incríveis, mas também algumas peculiaridades que o deixa ainda mais charmoso.

Em homenagem aos Los Campesinos!, preparamos o TOP 5 – Curiosidades sobre o País de Gales. Se liga:

Top5 Terra de Dragões


A bandeira de Gales estampa um dragão vermelho por conta de um príncipe que o ostentava como símbolo. E ele foi incorporado no brasão da dinastia dos Tudors para marcar a ascendência galesa deles. Mas até onde se sabe, ninguém avistou dragões por lá nos últimos anos 🙁

Top4 Terra de ovelhas


Um estereótipo clássico (e meio ofensivo) diz que no País de Gales todas as pessoas são ovelhas. E se o pai de um galês não é fazendeiro, é mineiro. O fato é que 78% do território do país é dedicado a atividades agrícolas, inclusive (e principalmente) a criação de ovelhas. E com 8 milhões de animais, a população ovídea é 3 vezes maior que a humana… Isso cria algumas situações inusitadas, como a aí de cima!

Top3 Terra de cantores


Dizem que o País de Gales é a terra da canção! É fato que em Gales há muitos corais. É um povo que aprecia esse formato de música, e uma piada clássica no Reino Unido é dizer que todos os galeses cantam muito bem! Mas não é bem assim, claro. Entre bandas famosas que pintaram de lá, há algumas bem interessantes, como Super Furry Animals e Manic Street Preachers, sem falar na nossa já querida Los Campesinos!

Top2 Terra do rugby


Apesar de ser um país pequeno, eles possuem um time forte de rugby, esporte preferido por lá! Rivalizam bastante com o time inglês, e vira e mexe estão em finais importantes no cenário mundial. Eles nunca ficaram de fora de uma Copa do Mundo de Rugby na história! Apesar da predominância deste esporte, alguns importantes jogadores de futebol saíram de lá, como Gareth Bale (contratação mais cara da história) e Ryan Giggs.

Top1 Terra do idioma com bastante consoante

No País de Gales, há duas línguas oficiais, que têm o mesmo peso e importância: Galês e Inglês. O segundo é mais falado, mas boa parte da população fala galês, e a maioria das placas e comunicações oficiais aparecem nas duas línguas. O Galês é uma língua muito interessante, cheia de história, mas com extremamente poucas vogais, o que a torna beeem esquisita para nós, latinos, e para os ingleses também.

Confira a programação de cinema do Festival! E visite o Visit Britain para mais dicas de viagem!

Um fim de semana nas gélidas águas de Gales

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por Milo Steelefox, de Londres*

So I’ve finally booked a train to Aberystwyth on the coast of Wales.

I had friends to see, friends from home that only all get together once in a blue moon, and they just so happened to be doing so in Wales, a place that for me brings back nostalgic childhood memories of camping, beaches, rivers… and rain, and grey, and cold.

I’m painting a lovely picture aren’t I? In truth though it was the most beautiful of weekends, with blue skies and good times.

The day we spent on the beach was full of tomfoolery, as we did our best to play cricket, football and frisbee, which would’ve been fine only the wind wanted to play too!

And I’d been telling one of my friends we simply HAD to go in the sea, no matter how cold it was, but the water was simply f-r-r-r-r-e-e-z-i-n-g. So all we managed was a paddle till our feet were numb.

On the way back to the house we dropped by a cute little harbour town called Aberaeron where there was a fun looking annual children’s football tournament going on.

We found an amazing sweet shop nearby and got a few bagfuls of old fashioned goodies, and then we wandered down to the harbour in search of some local honey ice cream, and we sat eating it in the sunshine looking at the boats and all the kids playing, catching crabs, or even throwing jelly fish at each other!

Perhaps the best bit of the whole weekend though was the next day when we ventured back into Aberystwyth, and what did we find but the ultimate holiday activity… crazy golf. And you know what, it must’ve been the cheapest crazy golf I’ve ever played – a mere £1.65 (you could usually expect to pay almost 4 times that).

My home friends and I get very competitive (immaturely so) when it comes to this particular sport, and so it was great when one of the lads won rather unexpectedly, beating us all by a good 5 shots.

Back to the house we took one last stroll along the pebble beach nearby as the sun was beginning to set, and still hellbent on perhaps going in the sea I told the others to carry on home as we started to head back.

Maybe it was the ‘what would my dad do in this situation’ feeling I always get, or maybe it was the text I received from a jealous friend saying to dive in, but I did it, all on my own, and jumped in the sea for a very, very, very cold 5min swim, at 8pm at night. What an idiot.


Aberaeron: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aberaeron


  • Once in a blue moon: seldom, once in a while (or less!), basically something which happens very rarely
  • To paint a picture: to describe something, to set the scene (telling a story)
  • Tomfoolery: messing around, fooling around, joking around…
  • Goodies: nice things. Can also be used to describe the good and the bad guys in films, i.e. the goodies and the badies
  • A mere £1.65: using the word mere is like saying ‘only £1.65’, used as a diminuitive
  • Hellbent: uncontrollably keen to do something, determined, adamant


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