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TOP 5 – British recipes that can mess with your head

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Some people say Italy, France, Brazil and other countries have “cuisine”, while Britain has just “food”– but the truth is that, little by little, this has been proven to be nothing but a myth.

After all, British cuisine has been changing and adapting itself for a while now and it’s definitely prospering (not by accident, a lot of british chefs have actually become worldwide known celebrities).

Still, if you try to get to know traditional british food better, you might find some aspects of it a little weird. That’s because we’re not used to some of the UK’s favorite ingredients, and even when they’re cooking “normal” things, they still manage to do it in some pretty bizarre ways… Also, they’ve got a whole lot of different pies and puddings, and you can never really tell if they’re sweet or savoury.

We’ve selected a list of typical british recipes that can get you pretty confused – do you think you can tell which ones are sweet and which ones are savoury?


Top5  Yorkshire Puddings


Yes, they’re called puddings, but, no, they don’t look like the puddings we’re used to eating in Brazil. They say these fried pastries were invented in order to reuse the fat that drops from roasted meat.

So, you get it, right? They’re definitely not served as dessert. Check out the recipe here.

Top4 Steak and Ale Pudding


Now, this pudding might look a little more familiar to you than the first one. But this one is savoury! “Steak and Ale Pudding” is – obviously – made of steak. You can see the recipe here.

Top3 Ecclefechan Tart


At this point, you’ve probably already realised that the fact that something is called a “pie” does not mean it tastes like one.

That pie looks like a pizza, right? But hold the phone! This Scottish pie is actually sweet. The filling has raisins and walnuts. Oh, by the way, Ecclefechan is a small village in Scotland. Check out the recipe here.

Top2 Black Bun Cake

black bun cake

This one might look like what Brazilians call “empadão”, which is savoury, but that dish is called cake. Ok, another hint: the Black Bun Cake is generally served at New Year’s Eve at… dessert time!

Yes, it’s a cake, and it’s sweet. Recipe: here.

Top1 Stottie Cakes

stottie cakes

Stottie Cakes! This is easy, they’re called cakes and, by the picture, you can tell they’re sweet.

Actually, they’re a sort of Scottish bread, and are therefore: savoury! Stottie cakes are usually filled with ham, bacon or sausages. Check out the recipe here.

Do you wanna get to know the British cuisine a little better 
and learn how to cook lots of different recipes? Go to our Pinterest board “British Cuisine”!



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