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Maratona de bike até o melhor pôr-do-sol de Londres – Blog – Cultura Inglesa

Maratona de bike até o melhor pôr-do-sol de Londres

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por Milo Steelefox, de Londres*

Sunday. Not my favourite of days, simply because (even years later), I still get the sneaking suspicion I’ve forgotten some homework I need to do. Traditionally a day of rest, chores and seeing friends, today is different, with some 40-odd thousand runners sweating out 26 miles for the London marathon. And although actually on my bike, I feel like I’ve completed the same distance.

Before heading to the centre I quickly nipped up to the pleasant neighbourhood of Muswell Hill (which is at the top of a massive hill) to buy a thin mac/jacket I’d had my eye on – it was too sunny to wear it there and then, but I still made me feel nice and brand new. Then I rolled down to The Mall to the finish line of the marathon, right infront of Buckingham Palace.

It felt like there were hundreds of thousands of people lining the streets, and given the sporting occasion and good weather, spirits are high, and you know what, I felt rather proud. Proud of all these people, all the effort, all the clapping, cheering and energy, and of course the money raised for charity.

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Though saying that, I did queue for a good hour and a half to cross a road and get into Green Park to try and find a friend of mine who lives in China but had come home to see family, and run the marathon! It would’ve been worth the wait, but with him being without a phone, our loose arrangement at Meeting Point C was a longshot, and sadly I couldn’t find him! Still, not a wasted journey, I’d never experienced the event live, and besides being amazing, it reminded me that I’d like to run it one day.

Then, back on my bike, I rode through town to a pub called The Old Queen’s Head to catch a friend’s band play, and then on up to Camden to drop in briefly at a charity event by the ABC Trust (Action for Brazil’s Children). And, before winding up the evening at a famous venue called the Koko with ‘a night of twisted Cumbia’ from a band called the Mexican Institute of Sound (see photo), I quickly popped by Primrose Hill Park to get a view across the city an its sunset, and also a glimpse of the nearly full moon!

A beautiful spring day. But now I am most definitely ready for bed.

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  • Chores: jobs to be done around the house, or other activities like shopping – another similar word would be ‘errands’, although this refers more to things like shopping and going to the bank or post office
  • 40-odd thousand: adding the word ‘odd’ in here simply emphasises the fact that you are making a rough guess, in this case it means around about 40 thousand people
  • I quickly nipped up to: to nip somewhere is literally like ‘to go’, to drop in somewhere quickly
  • I’d had my eye on: to have your eye on something means wanting something – usually something you’ve seen and can’t stop thinking about… like a new bike, or a cute new classmate at school
  • A longshot: something which is a little ambitious, unlikely, hopeful!
  • Winding up the evening: you can also say ‘rounding off the evening’, to say how you ended the evening
  • A glimpse: to see something quickly, briefly




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