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Will & Kate na parede

7 anos atrás ----- Blog The Insider The Insider

por Milo Steelefox*, direto de Londres

On the day of the Royal Wedding, the newspaper The Guardian’s headline simply read ‘Two people will marry today – with 2 million people watching’.

It’s fascinating how this marriage meant so much to so many people, yet simultaneously so little to so many others.

Amid all the hype and excitement, one thing which made me smile on my way to work the morning Will and Kate were to wed was a life-sized piece of graffiti of the pair, accompanied by the phrase “A Bit Like Marmite”.

Marmite is an iconic English spread made from yeast extract, with a flavour that splits opinion down the middle, like their classic advertising line: “Either you love it or you hate it”…

As for me, I’d booked myself a train ticket to Aberystwyth, in Wales, not to avoid the wedding, simply to join some friends for a long weekend by the sea. Although I was not entirely indifferent, and was curious to get a little taste of the action.

So on the night before the wedding, on my way to see friends in south London, I passed by Buckingham Palace around 10pm and walked my bike down The Mall to see all the revellers with their banners, tents and sleeping bags, already getting excited about the big day.

I was tickled by two girls who were walking around in full wedding dresses, happily posing for photos with whoever asked…

In truth, the atmosphere was lovely, with people drinking and singing and waving flags, and they were still partying when I passed by again on my way home around 1am. I even heard that bunting had been reported to have sold out across the country.


And what impressed me most was the old folk, wrapped up warm in their coats, scarves and rugs, sat firmly in their front row position. No doubt they got a great view when the newlywed pair came out on the palace balcony to wave, and kiss — twice to the delight of the crowd.

It was funny to see how shop window displays embraced the occasion, decorating themselves in the national colours and wedding themes, such as the charity shop Barnados which I found in Aberystwyth (see picture above).

All in all, the wedding was obviously a hit. And I have to say, I was most grateful, as I had a beautiful sunny weekend in Wales (which you can read about it my next post)!


  • Bunting: string with triangular pieces of fabric attached, often flags, or in the national colours of the country, which is then hung up all over shops, towns, pubs, gardens. It makes everything look very jolly/fun.
  • Marmite: as explained, a an iconic spread which some people love and others hate, be sure to try it for yourself one day!
  • To be tickled: in this instance I do not mean that they physically tickled me and made me laugh, but rather that what they were doing made me smile!