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Um rolê por Brighton, a “praia de Londres” – Página: 5449 – Blog – Cultura Inglesa

Um rolê por Brighton, a “praia de Londres”

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por Milo Steelefox, de Londres*

Yet another bank holiday weekend, and yet another trip to the seaside… the weather wasn’t great, overcast, grey and cold, but we were in the mood for some fun, so my housemate, my boss, her housemate and I grabbed a GroupSaver train ticket to Brighton.

Being only 1 hour away it’s the obvious choice if you want a bit of beach and sea breeze, although saying that, being a pebble beach, it’s not the most comfortable for sunbathing etc. But given there was no sunshine anyway we went off in search of other things to do.

My boss’s housemate had a back up plan… it turned out they know an artist called Sam Toft, and she just so happened to be holding an open studio day with coffee and cake, and artwork on display.


It took me a few moments to put 2+2 together and realise who she really was, but following a little puppet show where she brought her characters to life, it dawned on me that I knew her style well from gift cards and posters – have a peep at her work, it’s quite cute.

Strolling around the corner of a cool art Deco hotel we then sought out a workshop she recommended called Circus Kinetica, full of beautiful metalwork creations, jewellery and graffiti, and we met a lovely lad called Piers Mason who was working on this amazing pair of elegant metallic birds – fantastic to see such creativity, and actually in the making.

Finally venturing onto the seafront we messed around on the beach for a bit, pretending to have been shipwrecked and washed up on the shore, and admired the stunning remains of the West Pier, with a few brave surfers heading out in the cold waves.

Getting a little hungry by now we headed back off the beach, passing a steel pan band on the way which started playing a cover of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” as we walked by, and we went and found ourselves a restaurant to have some (almost as mandatory as ice cream) fish ‘n’ chips!

On our way to the station I nipped down a back street to check if some street art was still there… as the very first time I’d gone to Brighton was 4 years ago, solely to catch an exhibition by the Brazilian graffiti artists Tinho, Pato and Flip. Cool to see it all again, and I remembered meeting the likes of Zezão and Speto too in subsequent exhibitions. I wonder how they’re getting on, and what they remember of Brighton…

And with that, we jumped on a train back home, and I slept all the way. Daytrips – more of them please!


  • Pebble beach: a beach full of that small rounded kind of stone, instead of sand
  • GroupSaver: if you travel by train in the UK in a group of 4 you get 1/3 off the price off all the tickets – genius!
  • Sam Toft: http://www.samtoft.co.uk/
  • Bank Holiday: são os feriados britânicos durante o ano, caem sempre numa segunda-feira e são chamados de “feriado bancário”.
  • Open studio: quite self explanatory really, when an artist opens up their creative space and welcomes friends and visitors to come and drop by.
  • To put (2+2) two and two together:to manage to do something relatively simple
  • It dawned on me: to slowly realise something, gradually so, like the dawning of a new day
  • To mess around: to play around
  • West Pier, Brighton: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/West_Pier
  • Circus Kinetica: http://www.circuskinetica.com/




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